The Audiobook player for Audio Drama enthusiasts.

Audio Dramas are separated from Audiobooks

Keep your library organized by separating the dramas from the books.

Embedded chapter support

Easily browse chapters and skip to their locations.

Two progress indicators

UI shows overall progress in story as well as the progress in a chapter.

Sleep Timer

Drift to sleep while listening to your favorite stories.

Multiple Playback Speeds

1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 0.75x

Uses iTunes to manage the media

Add your content to your device as you normally would.

Obeys iTunes sort metadata such as "Sort Title"

It sorts the same way as iTunes.

Supports Audible or iTunes books with DRM

Can use the system player to play troublesome content.

Works with external headset or car controls

Your wish is our command.

Supports iPad split-screen multitasking on iOS 9

You're a busy person, don't let us stop you from multitasking.